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Americans today work hard for the things that they have. Dedicating the majority of their lives to a job, “earning your own way” has become a fundamental concept in American culture.

Unfortunately, when a mental or physical disability keeps us from being able to work full-time, we are no longer able to provide for ourselves and our families. This can often leave a disabled worker feeling hopeless. Fortunately, however, disabled workers are often entitled to Social Security disability benefits.

The complexities involved in the process of applying for Social Security disability benefits are often extensive and intimidating, with many applicants typically being overwhelmed by the details essential to successfully seeking disability benefits from the Social Security Administration (SSA). However, far too many disabled workers choose to handle the SSA and the application process individually, whch often leads to the 65 to 85 percent of all applications being denied upon initial submission. 

Due to the extensive nature of the SSA’s social insurance program, disabled workers must recognize that millions of individuals just like them are applying for benefits. Insuring workers and their families in such a broad-based system requires that each applicant strictly follow the processes and procedures involved in obtaining disability benefits. With a focus on Social Security disability benefits, our local SSD lawyers are able to provide immediate solutions to guide you in the application progression.

While getting outside help is often a difficult step for many applicants, if you would like to:

  • increase the chances of your application being approved
  • need assistance with your SSD claim

.... you can trust the guidance, personal attention, and knowledge that a member of our local network of Louisiana SSD attorneys can provide. Our attorneys have collectively helped thousands of individuals to obtain the benefits that they deserve and are ready to help you today.

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Helping Our Clients to Obtain Their Entitled Disability Benefits

With a strong belief that the details and complexities of the Social Security disability benefits application process should never hold a disable worker and their family back from receiving the benefits that they are entitled to, our attorneys understand that you have worked hard in your career and simply cannot work anymore.

With this in mind, we are here to help fight for the benefits that you deserve.

It's also worth considering that with two-thirds of the Social Security disability benefits applications denied upon initial submission, hiring a knowledgeable, experienced attorney is absolutely essential. Our goal is to alleviate the stresses commonly associated with this daunting process. Therefore, our SSD lawyers work tirelessly to provide you with the most direct path to achieving benefits.

We assist disabled workers in the following areas:

  • Social Security Applications (preparation and submission)
  • Social Security Reconsideration
  • Social Security Hearings
  • SSA and Federal Court Appeals
  • Ability to represent all disabling conditions
  • We work with your doctors and physicians
  • We are available for free consultations for all disabled workers

No disabled worker should have to struggle through the SSD application process alone. Our SSD attorneys are prepared to guide you throughout each and every step until your benefits are received. With years of experience and a focus on special customer care, our network of SSD law firms have helped many individuals to obtain the benefits that they deserve.

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More often than not, those who find the most success in the SSD application process sought legal representation from the very start. In doing so, disabled workers have the confidence and security in knowing that an experienced, knowledgeable SSD attorney is managing paperwork, filing, deadlines, and all preparation in a hearing before a judge.

With simplicity and comfort at the forefront of our internal practices, we are able to ensure that our clients successfully acquire their entitled benefits in a timely manner. Even after a claim is accepted, we take the necessary steps to confirm that your proper payment is received from the SSA.

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